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We stock a very wide range of oxidised and coloured medals of Saints, Our Lady and Christ. Medals of the Saints, Our Lady and Christ have a long tradition in the Christian culture and are often worn with a chain or cord around the neck, carried in purses and pockets or attached to a watch. Other times they may be placed under objects in the house, and are a way for us to remember the Saints and all their good deeds.

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  • Oxidised Saints Medals

    Our wide range of oxidised Saints Medals, includes all the popular Saints. St Patrick Medals, St Jude Medals, Padre Pio Medals, St Michael Medals, Miraculous Medals, St Gerard Medals, Our Lady Medals, Divine Mercy Medals,St Martin Medals, Lourdes Medals, Holy Communion Medals, St Bridget Medals, St Anthony Medals, St Francis Medals, St Theresa Medals, Holy Family Medals, St George Medals, I am a Catholic Medals, St Christopher Medals, Scapular Medals, Sacred Heart of Jesus Medals, St Benedict Medals St Bernadette Medals and St Joseph Medals

  • Colour Saints Medals

    We stock a lovely selection of colour Saints and Christ medals, these include Saint Pio Medals, Our Lady of Lourdes Medals, Our Lady Immaculate Medals, Infant of Prague Medals, Holy Family Medals, Saint Joseph Medals, Saint Michael Medals, Divine Mercy of Jesus Medals, Our lady of Perpetual Succour Medals, Holy Communion Medals,Saint Francis of Assisi Medals, Saint Anthony Medals, Sacred Heart of Jesus Medals, Saint Joseph Medals, St Christopher Medals, Saint Theresa Medals, Mother Theresa Medals, Saint John Paul the Second Medals, Guradian Angel Medals, Saint Patrick Medals, Saint Gerard Majella Medals, Saint Jude Medals, Our Lady of Knock Medals, Our lady of the Highway Medals and Saint George Medals.

    These devotional Saints medals are an outer sign of a devotion to a particular Saint or Jeses Christ himself.

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