Rosary Beads

We stock a very wide range of well made and strong rosary beads. There are various forms of rosary beads, all with their own significance.This really is a very large range of well priced and strong rosaries, and we have something to meet every taste and budget. Our rosary beads have either cord or metal links between the beads, both are very strong, and it is personal preference as to which you may prefer.

Rosary Beads - Available now in all colours and finishes


  • Single Decade rosary...

    We stock a very wide selction of one decade rosary beads. These rosaries only have one set of ten 'Hail Mary' beads, as oppossed to a full rosary, which has five sets of ten 'Hail Mary' beads.

    Avaibale in a variety of styles and materials, these are perfect for saying the rosary in a very unobtrusive manner.

  • Rope Rosaries

    Our range of rope rosary beads, all have strong cord rope linking the beads and crucifix together, helping to make our rosaries extra strong. Most of the rsoaries have wood baeds, and many of them are dedicated to a particular Saint.

  • In Presentation Gift...

    Many of our Rosary Beads are supplied in exclusive gift presentation cases, making them perfect to give as a gift or a present.

  • Economically Priced...

    Our economically priced rosaries, are well priced, but still very good quality and robust. These rosaries are available in a variety of styles and finishes.

  • Colourful Rosaries

    We have a beautiful range of colourful rosaries available for your to order on line for delivery to your home at very reasonable prices

  • Wood Rosaries

    We stock a wide range of wood rosary beads. Most of our wood rosary beads are available in black and brown wood, and supplied in various styles, with different crucifixes and centre pieces.

  • First Holy Communion...

    We stock a wide range of First Holy Communion Rosaries, perfect to give as a gift on that special day. Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, these include genuine Mother of Pearl Rosary beads, Extra Strong Wood rosaries, Pearl Rosaries and Sterling Silver Rosaries.

  • Sterling Silver Rosaries

    Our Sterling Silver Rosary Beads, are made by hand by skilled workers in Italy. Ornate and delicate, these really do make a perfect gift rosary.

  • Mother of Pearl Rosary...

    Our range of genuine Mother of Pearl rosary beads, have all been made by hand, and are supplied in a quailty gift box presentation case.

  • Rosary Rings
  • Rosary Prayer Cards

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